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“Left” in the Rain…

In Branding/Campaigns, Logos on September 8, 1993 at 12:20 am

LO Logo.final copy

LONDON – The LeftOvers® umbrella company  has introduced the world to the concept of left-handed umbrellas!

Four years ago, when British businessman Nigel Larboard secured a deal to purchase rejected umbrellas from an upscale factory in order to reconstruct them to his liking, he had no idea he would create the now-trendy LeftOvers left-handed umbrella. Now Londoners no longer have this new invention to themselves – the world wants LeftOvers!

So, in order to reach a global market, LeftOvers has enlisted the help of a small communications design firm in the US. LIMA Design (Boston, MA) has just unveiled a new logo and launched a brand identity program for Britain’s umbrella phenomenon. Left-handers around the world are clammoring for more LeftOvers umbrellas now that the company has begun imprinting the popular new new logo on its product. “The logo emblazoned on the LeftOvers unbrellas has already become a true status symbol for lefties everywhere.” says Simon Sinistral, President of the Society Circle for the Advancement of Left-handed People (SCALP).

So, what’s next? LIMA has hinted that an e-commerce marketing strategy is in the works for three new product lines. If all goes as planned, the product should take the telescopic, gustbuster, and golf markets by storm.


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