Famous Almost Beyond Belief (FABB)

A Puceful Demonstration

In Branding/Campaigns, Logos, Websites on August 30, 2012 at 12:59 pm

HUESTON, PA — Equality has taken another step forward in the shady evolution of color politics. Puce, the frequently abused little color that had no voice, has been elevated to new heights in the color world, largely due to the efforts of a dedicated group of folks who call themselves The Coalition for the Advancement of Puce (CAP) and the famous design team at LIMA Design.

Last year CAP enlisted the help of the famed LIMA studio to organize a pro-puce campaign. LIMA’s logo and clever campaign materials put CAP on the map. Then, last November, thousands of voters turned out to support the CAP-initiated Puce Act, which guaranteed enforcement of puce abuse penalties. Thanks to LIMA Design’s influential campaigns, two-thirds of Americans voted in favor of the Puce Act and the humble color has gone from widespread discrimination to dazzling color fame.

Now, the clever people at LIMA have designed a website for the design industry exclusively dedicated to puce. Launched only two months ago, the site has reportedly received 10,000 hits per day from all over the globe. Their glory was almost cut short this week when widespread rumors started to surface which claimed CAP website stats were fabricated.

Hugh Brown, one of the original founders of CAP, held a press conference yesterday to dispel these rumors. “The statistics we released to the press are true and verifiable,” Brown told us. “I frankly told the press that we believe the false rumors were started, or at least fueled, by persons affiliated with the SNUB [Society Needs Ubiquitous Beige] organization. This group has been associated with attacks of this nature in the past, although they have not claimed responsibility for this incident”

The uprising against the beige camp seems inevitable. SNUB headquarters has already been overwhelmed with protesters from all corners of the world since Brown went public with his statement less than one day ago. Designers worldwide are blogging about their personal boycotts of beige and vowing to use puce. “I would love puce to be the new black,” says fashion designer Trevor Calvin, “I am incorporating it into my entire spring line!”

Because of the website and the efforts of CAP and LIMA, the elimination of puce abuse seems to have become a passionate international cause, and puce has now been labeled the “Cinderella” color of all time. It’s probably safe to say, the fairy godmother couldn’t have predicted this!


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